Quality Massage Therapists

Our team consists of some of the most highly trained and experienced massage therapists in Utah. All of our therapists have 5 or more years of experience working in the luxury spa, medical, and private practice settings. Many have advanced training and licensing in Structural Integration, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Reflexology, and various other modalities.



Sports- Injury / chronic pain focused / deep tissue

Reflexology- Specialized work on the feet

Pre-natal- Within the last 6 months prior to childbirth

4-Handed- (double the cost) Utilizing two therapists at the same time

Structural Integration- Specialized, alignment centered, deep pressure

Swedish- Relaxation, lighter pressure

NEW! Cupping- Chronic pain / injury centered, utilizing deep cup suction

NEW! Ashiatsu- (Utilizing feet and body weight)

NEW! CBD- Incorporating high quality, medicinal, CBD oil into massage

NEW! Reiki- A form of energy work 

The Experience

                  Step 1: Schedule your massage via text, phone, or website.

Step 2: Therapist will arrive 15 min prior to appointment time to set up.

                  Step 3: Choose your desired modality or pressure.

                  Step 4: Enjoy your custom luxury massage experience.

                  Step 5: Complete payment through mobile card reader or cash.

Uniformity and luxury details

  • Black uniform attire

  • Professional and comfortable massage table

  • Table warmer

  • High thread count white sheets

  • Foot bolster

  • Spa quality massage lotion

  • Speaker system for relaxing music

  • Card payment option